Sustainably demonstrating responsibility

Sustainably demonstrating responsibility

"Humans are tasked with designing the world and preserving creation. Caring for Mother Earth is not just one of many concerns, but rather a matter of survival for the entire planet."

Sustainable thought and action are clear corporate guidelines. Even long before the introduction of the standard ISO 26000 in 2011, societal interests and needs were at the center of Hermann Bantleon GmbH's corporate activity. In all business fields, we orient ourselves by the magic triangle of sustainability, consisting of ecological balance, economic security and social-ethical justice. Examples of this are BANTLEON's activities in the area of reforestation, CO2 compensation, social commitment in the widest variety of fields or our collaboration in endowed professorships.

About 1/3 of the total consumed energy is caused from friction and wear. Here we already are making an important contribution to resource efficiency. A steady, continuous development of products, processes and procedures is our goal to drive the innovation in the sector. In Bantleon you can be sure that sustainability will be a specific component for high-performance lubricants.

The co-founding of an industry initiative "NaSch" (Sustainability Initiative Lubricant Industry) supports the growing responsibility of Hermann Bantleon GmbH, but also within the medium-sized mineral oil companies.


The Alliance for Development and Climate (A project of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) recognizes, links and promotes as an institutionalized platform for non-state activities, especially in the private sector

Simultaneous promotion of development and climate protection. For BANTLEON, contributing to and in the Alliance means promoting specific projects in so-called "third countries", which help to compensate CO2 in a suitable way, while at the same time creating co-benefits (jobs, farmland, etc.) for the local Population.


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