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Sustainably demonstrating responsibility

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Our company sees itself as having a responsibility to act sustainably and is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In doing so, we take all facets of sustainability into account. We act sustainably not only to protect the environment, but also in the interests of our employees and business partners. We are a member of the VSI-Nasch sustainability initiative for the development of a uniform industry standard for the greenhouse gas calculation of lubricants and actively support the establishment of a European society for the uniform calculation and documentation of greenhouse gas values in the lubricants sector!

Around one third of the total energy consumed results from friction and wear. A good lubricant can significantly reduce these effects, which is already an important contribution to resource efficiency. Sustainability is therefore partly a normal effect of our product - but BANTLEON thinks ahead!
Through continuous, ongoing development of products, processes and procedures, we aim to inspire our customers with high-performance products and comprehensive service. Our broad development and production competence makes us an innovation driver and pioneer in the industry. Customized solutions are proof of flexibility and efficiency.


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And BANTLEON takes care

Honesty and fairness as well as an eco-social and ethical basic orientation are important values of our corporate philosophy. Long before the introduction of the ISO 26000 in the year 2011, the Hermann Bantleon GmbH was invested in societal interests and needs. The orientation for sustainability within all our business areas is the triangle of sustainability, comprised of ecological balance, economical safety and social/ethical fairness.

Due to that we take ecological and innovative product development into our own hands in our accredited laboratories. Another important aspect of our corporate philosophy are long-term partnerships and which is reflected with the emphasis on the values of QUALITY, RELIABILITY, INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY as a base.

We take the same care of our employees, which we foster with a multitude of offers.


What are the SDGs?

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are the 17 sustainability goals with their 169 targets that the United Nations jointly adopted in 2015. By 2030, the sustainable development of all nations is to be advanced in great strides with the help of these goals.

Hermann Bantleon GmbH tries to have a positive impact on as many SDGs as possible in many different ways. Focal points are set in the context of the three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental, social/ethical) as follows. Please click on the logo to get to the document.

BANTLEON connects and proves itself

Responsibility can´t be lived out alone, which is why Bantleon was looking for partners early on, defined transparency form the beginning and created a new state.
This can be seen specifically in the co-creation of initiatives, memberships in alliances and recognition through awards.