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1. Ulm Human Rights Prize

Bantleon Managing director Heribert Großmann welcomed nearly 100 guests to the award ceremony in the BANTLEON FORUM. Including numerous curious students, who have applied themselves with great and diverse projects for the price. "I am deeply impressed with which topics the young people are dealing with today," said Heribert Großmann in his greeting. Patron Nina zu Fürstenberg explained her commitment to human rights and emphasized the intention to have young people as a potential target group of the Human Rights Award. A total of 7 projects were submitted, for Iris Mann, jury member and mayor of the city of Ulm a great response. The evaluation by the six members of the jury was independent and self-sufficient. The projects were submitted anonymously to the jury for evaluation. All schools in Ulm and within a radius of About 70 kilometers were invited to take part.

The ranking: 1st place (5,000 euros)
Gebhardt-Müller School, Biberach
Project: Gebhardt-Müller-Schule is doing school in India.

Help for child slaves in Indian quarries. The dedicated students are actively involved in fundraising and information events for their partner school in India.

2nd place (3,000 euros)
Bühl secondary school Dornstadt
Project: Crocodiles swimming in the sea - a film project on "Asylum a human right ?!"

With the book "Floating in the Sea Crocodiles" by Fabio Geda as a starting point, this school made short films to address the complex issues of flight and integration and to show that they can be addressed from the 7th grade onwards.

3rd place (1,000 euros)
Project: Democratizing - student friendly school

The school founded and established a student court to bring democracy and responsibility to the students. In the end, there should be only winners, of course, the thing itself. The "fourth place" were allowed to enjoy a price of 250 euros, so there was also felt no losers.

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