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With the successfully passed certification audit according to DIN EN ISO 21469, Hermann Bantleon GmbH has reaffirmed its high awareness of quality and reliability in a special way. The internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 21469 describes the hygiene requirements for the composition/development, production and use of special lubricants. The scope covers the development, manufacture, distribution and service of application-specific special lubricants, cleaning and corrosion protection media suitable for meeting the safety requirements for direct or indirect product contact in the manufacture of sensitive products, e.g. food, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, animal feed, aviation, etc., as well as their packaging. Among other things, these lubricants are particularly suitable for use in processes, machinery and equipment of the listed industries, if direct contact with the processing product cannot be excluded with certainty.

Among other things, the manufacturer's certificate attests to the certificate holder's high level of transparency, sensitivity, and quality and process competence with regard to its products and services. The entire value chain is taken into account, from development, production, warehouse management/logistics to upstream and downstream processes.

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