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Mr. Großmann


jetzt!zusammen is a newly founded initiative for the region of Ulm, Neu-Ulm, Alb and Danube with the aim of setting up specific projects to encourage and strengthen children and young people.

As we all know, many children are particularly affected by the restrictions on going out and contacts are still affected. Therefore, children and young people need to get together again as soon as possible - with jetzt!zusammen-moments and activities.  That is why the first projects will already take place in August.

Heribert Großmann: "The idea of the project inspired us right away. The basic idea fits perfectly into our value-oriented attitude. Of course we are making our contribution here and hope for many contributors. I compliment the initiators on this concept.

Discover jetzt!zusammen on the web and the moments of BANTLEON Managing Director Heribert Großmann:


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