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Illustration KSS measuring system

Bantleon starts a cooperation and partnership with Brisco System GmbH

The company Brisco is specialized in the production and manufacturing of fully automatic cooling lubricant, measuring, analysis and dosing systems.

The products all originate from the company's own production in Switzerland.

The FCM 810 system and the E-Mix 1500 monitor and control the cooling lubricants in the central and individual tanks fully automatically.

The analysis takes place in real time and around the clock and can immediately detect and compensate for deviations.

All important coolant parameters are measured and stored in a portal for further analysis and documentation.

Linking the system to several individual tanks is possible.

Significant advantages:

  • Stabilise manual processes
  • Extend tool and coolant service life
  • Protect important resources such as employees and the environment
  • Comply with TRGS611 and REACH legislation
  • Identify coolant trends/problems at an early stage; increase process reliability

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