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BANTLEON supports humanitarian Ukraine - aid

An almost worldwide outpouring of support and solidarity for the people in Ukraine can be felt everywhere at the moment. Numerous aid organizations are on site or in the border regions to provide humanitarian aid. BANTLEON supports relief transports starting from Ulm with fuel, as well as the organization humedica e.V. based in Kaufbeuren (Bavaria). ( The specific aim here is to provide supplies for refugees in the border areas. Founded in 1979, the association's remit includes helping people who have fallen on hard times as a result of disasters or structural poverty. In addition to its focus on medical emergency and disaster relief, humedica is also active in the field of medical care and in long-term development cooperation projects.

In an interview with humedica press officer Sebastian Zausch, we find out more about the work of the organisation on the ground:

What are humedica's concrete tasks and goals in the current Ukraine crisis?
Humedica helps in different ways. In addition, two teams are currently on the road in the border region in order to get an idea of the situation and to coordinate further aid measures together with our local partners.

How do you assess the current situation on the ground?
From the outside, the situation in Ukraine itself is still very unclear. We receive different statements from our partners, depending on where they are. People in the border regions are being supplied with food, blankets and hygiene articles, and there seems to be a shortage here. There is also a great need for medical supplies, for example for wound care. With our aid transports, we supply our local partners with precisely these goods for targeted distribution.

What is the most effective way for people / companies willing to help?
The most effective way is to donate money. The situation in Ukraine and the surrounding countries is very dynamic. Needs change quickly - and so do the requirements for our help. Monetary donations give us the opportunity to react quickly and flexibly - so that the help that is needed actually arrives. In addition to monetary donations, we currently only accept donations in kind from companies that we specifically request for this purpose. These are mainly medical supplies that are not available in sufficient quantities in the countries concerned. We deliver these goods centrally to our local partners, who then distribute them to those who need them. We do not currently accept private donations in kind. The effort required to process them is far too great.

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