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Exemplary cooling lubricant management at Aesculap

Recurring audits on quality, the environment or occupational safety are standard at production companies. The bar is set particularly high in hygiene-sensitive sectors, such as medical engineering.

This applies to our longstanding business partner Aesculap in Tuttlingen. Aesculap belongs to the Braun Group and is thereby part of a leading global business in the field of medical technology. The fact that the team from Aesculap, led by Maintenance Manager Fabian Mauthe, received special praise during the audit for its professional handling of the cooling lubricants employed was therefore all the more pleasing. “Over the last few years, we have focused keenly on our cooling lubricant management and are fully aware of its influence on our production efficiency. Cooling lubricants have a direct impact on tool life, health protection for our employees and ultimately also the quality of our components,“ explains Fabian Mauthe. Those responsible for cooling lubricants in the Maintenance department at Aesculap (Tobias Ittig, Markus Knippenberg and Siegbert Jäger) attended training in the BANTLEON Forum to become cooling lubricant experts and also receive support from the BANTLEON Laboratory for their regular cooling lubricant analyses. All three confirm that focussing on cooling lubricant quality really pays off in many respects – as underlined by the special praise received during the quality and environmental audit.

We would like to offer our sincere congratulations for the fantastic audit result.

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