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Großmann leaves and donates!

After almost 30 years at Hermann Bantleon GmbH, Heribert Großmann handed over the management of the company to his successor, Dr. Alexander German, on June 1. Großmann tied his farewell to the Ulm-based lubricant specialist to a donation in favor of the Valentina Foundation, a foundation that supports home care and intensive medical care, especially for children with cancer or serious illnesses and their families. Heribert Großmann: "I also wanted to take this opportunity to support people who are not on the sunny side of life at the moment. I have therefore answered requests for farewell gifts with a thank you and the donation details of the Valentina Foundation. I am happy about every euro that flows into this foundation in the context of my retirement. This approach also stands for the culture of values that Hermann Bantleon GmbH has always lived by."

In the end, Mr. Großmann was able to hand over almost 2,000 euros to the founders of the foundation, Renate and Kurt Peter.

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