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Donate masks to nurses

The Cry for Help Was Heard

Hermann Bantleon GmbH donates masks

Recently, the St. Elisabeth nursing home had publicly reported on the dilemma of missing masks.
The call for help from the nursing home in Senden was not left unheard. The Hermann Bantleon GmbH provided 75 masks immediately after the emergency became known. Bantleon Managing Director Heribert Großmann: "I believe that responsibility and solidarity is an important asset especially in this situation. The people in the care and welfare sector are doing incredible things, we are pleased that we were able to support them. With more than just a thank you." 

The approach of the lubricant expert from Ulm also demonstrates the socially responsible orientation that has been established for many years. 

Bantleon Head of Marketing Rainer Janz: "We commissioned a workshop for the blind with the production of the masks and were thus able to create a nice synergy. In addition, the masks are made of high-quality material and are washable and reusable. Thus, they provide a sustainable benefit in two ways".


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