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Mr. Großmann with the winning kids

Hermann Bantleon GmbH defies Corona - lethargy with internal children painting competition

How do children deal with the current situation - or how can a child's thoughts be processed in pictures? With this question, the Hermann Bantleon GmbH launched its own in-house painting competition. Specifically, all "BANTLEON kids" aged 3 - 14 years were encouraged to take part in this challenge. "Due to the current situation of home schooling, coupled with the numerous digital temptations from tablets, mobile phones or television, we wanted to provide a creative impulse," says BANTLEON Managing Director Heribert Großmann, explaining the background to this idea. Divided into three age groups, just under 30 small "works of art" were submitted, and the children were inspired by concepts such as solidarity, family, joy and new discoveries.

All submitted pictures were anonymized, so that the jurors could not draw any conclusions about the creator of the picture to be judged. The jury consisted of neutral, impartial representatives of individual departments, trainees of the Ulm lubricant expert, and BANTLEON Managing Director Heribert Großmann himself: "Especially at this time, I didn't want to miss out on being an active member of the project myself. I am very pleased with the very positive response to the pictures. Each one is definitely unique and special. Just real little works of art."

A large collage is now being created from all the pictures, which will decorate the BANTLEON entrance area. According to Charlotte Steinkamp, BANTLEON project manager, everyone was rewarded in the end: "The winners of the individual age groups, as well as the other participants, received vouchers from the city of Ulm and for offers from the Ravensburger company. We deliberately wanted to act regionally here."  


(Photo: BANTLEON CEO Heribert Großmann with the winners in each age group: Olivia (8), Tabea (11 years), Luisa (6))

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