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Beehive and people

Illertal-Gymnasium Vöhringen welcomes its bee colony

What is buzzing in the garden of the Illertal-Gymnasium, Vöhringen-Illerzell (IGV)?

Finally, a bee colony has returned to the IGV. Before the renovation of the school garden, there was already a hive of bees. A new beehive is now to continue the idea started by Pastor Menzinger.

Susanne Hartung, a teacher at the IGV and chairwoman of the Friends of Beefuture, received the beehive on behalf of the group, which was delivered by Mr. Ticks and Mr. Mittelsieven from beefuture GmbH, Weissenhorn. Beefuture was founded a few years ago by Frank Weiss and has set itself the task of representing the ecological importance of the bee as a corporate philosophy. A nice business model, which is getting more and more popularity and recognition. Did they know that more than 80 % of the native flowering plants depend on the pollination of the bee, or that the bee, in order to fill a honey jar, visits about 5 million flowers? This and other exciting information was reported by the two gentlemen during the assembly of the beehive to the students who were watching with interest.  

The bee colony enjoys a sunny spot in the school garden and is intended to support the bioenergy department in possible bee projects on site. Beefuture has already expressed its willingness to cooperate and is open to presentations about bees and the production of honey. A nice side effect of the bee sponsorship is the own IGV honey at the honey harvest in autumn. Susanne Hartung: "We are already looking forward to our own certified IGV honey. The topic of diversity of species and sustainable responsibility plays an important role in the education of our students, and this project gives it additional impact.

However, such a bee sponsorship is not free, the Hermann Bantleon GmbH, Ulm, member of the IGV circle of friends stepped here supporting to side.

Bantleon Managing Director Heribert Großmann: "We have long known about the importance of such and similar projects. For us, these are concise signals to the environment and society. Insects in general, and the bee in particular, play a central role in our overall ecological system. We have been a project partner of beefuture GmbH for many years. It is nice that we can let our educational partners such as the IGV participate in the project in this way and we would like to thank the school management for their positive attitude towards this important topic.


Photo from left:

Mr. Scheufele, Mrs. Hartung (IGV), Mr. Mittelsieven, Mr. Tick (beefuture)

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