Cleaning media

Cleaning media

BANTLEON cooperates closely with leading plant manufacturers in order to develop innovative products and application concepts for clean surfaces according to the defined cleanliness and residual contamination requirements.

Because of this BANTLEON is able to offer a broad product portfolio to its customers. Due to this the ideal cleaning agent can be
chosen depending on the existing plant engineering or the building material in need of cleaning.

The excellent balance between cleaning agents and process-media leads to long operating times and helps with conserving resources.

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BANTLEON aqueous cleaning products:


  • Especially for degreasing metals
  • Suitable for immersion and spraying processes
  • Low-foaming within a wide temperature range
  • Fast elimination of oils, greases and dirt
  • Fast separation for a long cleaning solution lifespan
  • Cleaning agents with anti-corrosion additives upon request
BANTLEON hydrocarbon-based cleaning products containing solvents:


  • Universal cleaning for the commercial/industrial field
  • Wide range of applications (iron, non-ferrous metal, stone, marble, etc.)
  • Low impact on the work environment through the use of high-quality products