Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Rising demands for surface properties of parts require process reliable solutions. Liquid and dry preservation by BANTLEON ensures safety across the supply chain.

Liquid preservation creates a protective film on the components, which aid a broad range of applications even under taxing atmospheric
conditions. Dry conservation also creates such a protective film.

In combination dry and liquid preservation can unfold their effects in an ideal manner and thus contribute to the prevention of corrosion

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Liquid preservation

BANTLEON water, oil or wax-based corrosion protection media are carefully developed for specific parts and processes. The protection time may vary from a few days up to several years, depending on the product and the application. Easy removal of the preservation media, if necessary, is a given.

BANTLEON products for liquid preservation:


  • Fulfills Special requirements such as: seawater resistance, high penetrability, excellent durability of the protective film at elevated temperatures, DW fluids
  • For immersion, brush and spray processes


  • VCI-fluids (VCI-oils, VCI-waxes, water-based VCI-media)
Dry preservation

The BANTLEON products for dry preservation range from dispenser systems to stretch films, corrugated cardboard, film bags, hoods and paper to integrated packaging concepts. The active VCI substances (VCI = volatile corrosion inhibitor) in the substrates are absorbed as an invisible coating on the surfaces being protected. This allows them to reliably reach even difficult to access locations. Cleaning before the next work process step is not required. Dispensing systems with a large surface area (e.g. foam) have proven themselves as an ideal supplement to conventional packaging materials.

BANTLEON products for dry preservation:

  • VCI-dispensing systems

Dust-free dispensing systems such as impregnated PU foams. Various substrates are available (papers, films, foams, etc.) → VCI packaging

  • VCI-dispenser boxes for electrical and electronic applications