With BANTLEON, you can shift into high gear: profit from optimal power delivery and longer service life with BANTLEON engine, transmission and hydraulic oils, antifreeze and greases.


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Hydraulic oils

Advancement through innovation: With BANTLEON, you will find the right mineral and/or synthetic-based pressure fluids for your specialized applications. Our product line includes products with H1 approval, as well as biologically degradable media. AVIA SYNTOFLUID PE-B is a biologically degradable hydraulic oil (in accordance with CEC-L-103-12 / CEC-L-33-A-93 ≥ 80 % / 21 days) with very good temperature/viscosity characteristics.

PE-B Product information

Engine oils

With our modern, all-season engine oils we offer the widest variety of viscosity classes, you will save fuel, longer oil durability and lower wear. BANTLEON offers high tech solutions for cars and utility vehicles, as well as for a wide variety of work and handling equipment.

Gas engine oils

BANTLEON High-Performance gas engine oils enable extended oil change intervals and are suitable for use in stationary installations.

Transmission oils/axles

Mineral and synthetic transmission oils from BANTLEON are characterized by exceptional efficiency in all transmission types.

Radiator protection media

BANTLEON radiator antifreeze provides a long-lasting cooling performance in all cooling systems and protects against corrosion in the cooling circuit. Furthermore, we can also provide you with cooling media for refrigeration, air conditioning and solar technology.

Multi-purpose oils (UTTO)

Selected base oils and state-of-the-art additives guarantee exceptional wear protection and high stability under shear loads, as well as good responsiveness of the hydraulic system, even at low outside temperatures.


Synthetic, high-performance lubricating greases are part of the BANTLEON portfolio, as are soap-free and metal soap-free greases of varying NLGl classes. H1 products enable use in applications for which foodstuff-compatible operating resources are required.