Whether for metal-cutting or forming processes: choose from a broad range of field-proven BANTLEON lubricants or have our specialists develop your individual solution.


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Metal cutting processes

BANTLEON lubricants for metal cutting processes:

  • AVILUB METACOOL: water miscible cooling lubricants
  • AVILUB METACON: neat cutting oils


In practice, water miscible cooling lubricants must fulfill numerous technical requirements - from cleanability to corrosion protection to reliability. Simple monitoring and maintenance, stability, skin tolerability, occupational health safety and a pleasant odor are particularly important for users.

The METACOOL product series from BANTLEON reflects the various fields of use for water miscible cooling lubricants. In our product line, you will find universal cooling lubricants as well as material and process-optimized product solutions. Many coolants were developed while keeping specialised processes with specific materials in mind. As a result, we can offer you a wide range of specialties, high performance cooling lubricants and stable KSS technologies for processing plastics, non-ferrous metals and aluminum, high-alloy steels, titanium, carbide and stainless steel.


The practical demands placed on neat cutting oils are varied - from hobbing to eroding, minimal quantity lubrication to grinding, to the most difficult types of cutting.

With its cutting and grinding oils from the METACON product series, BANTLEON offers neat cutting oils product solutions for all application sectors. In addition to viscosity and other technological properties, process-based conditions such as cleaning and filter systems must also frequently be considered when making a selection. We work closely together with machine and systems manufacturers to offer our customers optimally customized process media. Our customers can always rely on one thing: technologies from BANTLEON are precisely tailored to requirements from practical experience, the working environment and international legislation.

Forming processes

BANTLEON lubricants for forming processes


BANTLEON stamping and forming lubricants from the METAPRESS line offer perfectly tailored product solutions for stamping, pressing, extruding and bending processes and for a wide variety of materials, from aluminum to non-ferrous metals to high-alloy steels. Whether stamping electrical sheets with lubrication film residues, chlorine-free stamping and precision cutting of challenging materials and parts geometries, or heavy-duty cold forming of pipes: at BANTLEON, you will find the right forming lubricant for optimal surface quality, high output and the best process integration.

METACOAT products are powerful specialties in the field of pressure die casting technology.

By the way: our experts would be happy to develop process-optimized, specialized solutions for your production task in collaboration with you.