VCI packaging

VCI packaging

VCI-based packaging enable active corrosion protection while obtaining the best possible cleanliness on the surfaces. The molecules integrated in the packaging material (e.g. film) or in the dispensing system form a protective atmosphere and a monomolecular layer which reliably protects FE and NE metals from corrosion.

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Our experts will develop custom-fit solutions for you for corrosion protection and cleanliness of your packaged goods. In doing so, of course, we take all of the demands of your process chain into consideration. Thanks to BANTLEON's many years of experience, you can rely one hundred percent on the safety, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness of our VCI solutions.

BANTLEON VCI solutions for packaging, storage and shipping:
  • VCI-films and VCI bags
  • VCI-film hoods
  • VCI-stretch films
  • VCI-papers and corrugated cardboard
  • VCI-bubble film
  • VCI-dispenser