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Whether for cutting or chipless metal machining: Select from a wide range of field-proven cooling lubricants or have us develop your very own custom solution.

Metal cutting processes

Water-miscible cooling lubricants


In practice, water-miscible cooling lubricants must satisfy numerous technical requirements - from cleanability, through corrosion protection, all the way up to securing the requisite reliability. Easy monitoring and maintenance, stability, skin compatibility, no adverse occupational health effects, as well as a pleasant smell are all important factors for users.

In our BANTLEON portfolio, you can find universal cooling lubricants, as well as material-optimised and process-optimised product solutions. Many grades have also been developed as special industry solutions for specific material and process profiles. We can therefore offer you a broad range of specialities, high-performance cooling lubricants and stable cooling lubricant technologies for machining plastics, non-ferrous metals and aluminium, high-alloy steels, titanium, hard metals and cast steel.


Product name Material Processing Water quality Description
AVILUB METACOOL ABO steel, aluminum, BM turning, drilling, milling, vibratory grinding soft to medium boron & Amine Free; specia
AVILUB METACOOL BFH steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium turning, drilling, milling, reaming soft to medium boron-free, amine-containing
AVILUB METACOOL BFS steel and cast iron grind soft to medium boron-free, amine-containing
AVILUB METACOOL CPU steel, stainless steel, cast, plastic turning, drilling, milling, grinding medium boron & amine containing; with good rinsing behavior and very good biostability
AVILUB METACOOL FBK-F steel grind soft to medium boron-free, amine-containing
AVILUB METACOOL MMU steel, cast aluminum, BM turning, drilling, milling, grinding medium boron & amine containing; All-rounder

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Non-water-miscible cooling lubricants


Non-water-miscible cooling lubricants must satisfy a wide range of requirements in practical applications - from hobbing, through eroding, minimum quantity lubrication and grinding, all the way up to heavy-duty machining.

With the cutting and grinding oils in its METACON range, BANTLEON offers product solutions for all application segments of non-water-miscible cooling lubricants. Although the lubricating capacity and other technological properties are key when selecting a product, process-related factors such as cleaning and filtration systems often also need to be taken into account.

We work closely together with machine and plant manufacturers, so that we can offer our customers optimally matched process media. One thing our customers can always rely on: Technologies from BANTLEON are precisely matched to the requirements of real-world applications, working environments and international legislation.


Product name Product group Material Viscosity (V40) Flash point (Grad Celsius) Processing
AVILUB METACON 627 cutting oil non-ferrous metal, aluminum, steel 32 mm²/s ca. 200 span
AVILUB METACON 632 cutting oil steel 23 mm²/s ca. 180 cutting, threading, broaching
AVILUB METACON 678/15 cutting oil steel, cast, titanium, aluminum, non-ferrous metal 15 mm²/s ca. 175 chipping, grinding, broaching
AVILUB METACON 664/11 cutting oil non-ferrous metal, aluminum, stee 10 mm²/s ca. 160 grind
AVILUB METACON 695 EDM oil 2 mm²/s ca. 103 eroding, superfinishing

Forming processes

BANTLEON punching and forming lubricants from the METAPRESS range are ideal for stamping, punching, drawing and bending procedures with a broad range of materials - from aluminium, through non-ferrous metals, all the way up to high-alloy steels. Whether electrical sheet stamping with lubricating film residues, chlorine-free stamping and precision cutting of challenging materials and part geometries or heavy-duty cold forming of pipes: At BANTLEON, you’ll find the right forming lubricant for an optimum surface finish, high productivity and the best process integration.


By the way: Our experts would be more than happy to work with you to create process-optimised custom solutions for your specific manufacturing task.


Product name Product group Material Viscosity (V40) Flash point (Grad Celsius) Processing
AVILUB METAPRESS 953 stamping oil steel 25 mm²/s approx. 180 pull
AVILUB METAPRESS 977 stamping oil steel 160 mm²/s approx. 200 punching, pulling
AVILUB METAPRESS 994 lömi-based steel, non-ferrous metal, electrical sheet metal 2 mm²/s approx. 61 punching
AVILUB METAPRESS 10024 stamping oil steel, high-alloy steel 130 mm²/s approx. 170 punching, forming

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