VCI packaging

Active corrosion protection

The molecules added to the packaging material (for example film) or the dispenser system (VCI = volatile corrosion inhibitor) form a protective atmosphere and a monomolecular layer that reliably protect the ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. After removing the packaging, the inhibitors then evaporate without leaving behind any residues.

The BANTLEON VCI concept

Our experts develop perfectly tailored solutions that ensure both corrosion protection and cleanliness for your packaging. During this development process, we obviously also take into account all requirements of your process chain. Thanks to BANTLEON’s many years of experience, you can rely 100% on the safety, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness of our VCI solutions.

Our technical specialists in the field of surface technology develop perfectly tailored corrosion protection concepts for our customers. All processes, such as cleaning, corrosion protection, storage, packaging and shipping, are incorporated here. With our in-house laboratory, we can precisely simulate storage and transport conditions (using climatic and/or corrosion protection test chambers) and then design corresponding, customer-specific corrosion protection concepts. 

An overview of the BANTLEON VCI solutions for packaging, storage and shipping:

VCI films and pouches

VCI film hoods

VCI papers and corrugated boards

VCI bubble wrap

VCI dispensers

An overview of our products & services

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