Corrosion protection

Ever stricter requirements in terms of component surface properties require reliable solutions. Using liquid or dry preservatives from BANTLEON helps you ensure safety throughout the entire value-added chain.

Liquid preservative creates protective films on components and be used in a broad range of applications, even in unfavourable atmospheric conditions. Dry preservative also forms a protective layer for the components.

Liquid and dry preservatives can be used together, creating an ideal synergy and thereby essentially preventing corrosion damage.

Liquid preservative


BANTLEON water-based, oil-based or wax-based corrosion prevention media are developed painstakingly on a parts-specific and process-specific basis. The protection periods are dependent on the product and the application - ranging from just a few days, all the way up to several years. The preservatives can obviously also be removed without any issues, should the need arise.


Product name Basis DW effect Internal bearing Protective film Approvals / Awards
METACORIN 831 LM containing VOCs up to 12 months slightly oily, transparent LAT4-5707
METACORIN 835 LM containing VOCs > 12 months thin, soft, waxy LAT4-5704
METACORIN 30804/1 LM containing VOCs up to 8 months very thin, easy to grip Daimler AG (DBL 6992.22)
METACORIN 1431 VOC-free LM up to 18 months very thin, vaseline/waxy meets the requirements of DBL 6992 AA 46.
METACORIN 1446 oily concentrate for re-greasing up to 18 months (10% solution) oily, medium viscosity
METACORIN 30851 oily product up to 12 months oily Daimler AG(DBL 6747.049, BMW AG (GS 94010) Ford-Werke AG (Tox-Nr. 187167) Volkswagen AG QP A 001 (AKR 348 200)
METACORIN 840 oily product up to 12 months oily
METACORIN 1453 mineral oil-free product 6-9 months thin, creeping oil film NSF H2

Our AVILUB VCI series


Products for special requirements, for example: Resistance to seawater, strong penetration capability, high stability of the protective film at high temperatures, dewatering fluids for dipping, brush application and spraying processes.

Product name Basis Application Protection period Description
AVILUB VCI 1410 oily product internal preservation (300-400 ml/m³) 24 - 36 months interior preservation of closed systems
AVILUB VCI 1411 oily product outdoor preservation up to 24 months thixotropically adjusted, fluid fat-like preservation medium

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